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Hey that's cool. But I think it does show that this simple behavior change of some actions to lists would be a good thing, and it makes sense for OF to do this inside the app. As Omni have done it in Outliner I think it's not un-Omni-ish or un-GTD-ish.

How about 'sequential', 'parallel', and 'list' as a new choice?
I respectfully disagree. It just feels like unnecessary complexity to me. There are already a variety of solutions available using the notes field in OmniFocus or OmniOutliner or plain text files outside of OmniFocus. Adding a list option to the sequential/parallel toggle seems muddled to me and dilutes (pollutes?) the concrete purpose of that functionality.

Screwdrivers and flashlights are both useful tools; every toolbox should have them. But the best screwdrivers and the best flashlights are the ones that strive to be either a screwdriver or a flashlight, not both.