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Hi Luke,

With all due respect, there will be no end of apps that perform various functions that are related to what OmniFocus provides, and I just think that, at some point, you have to decide to fish or cut bait. For myself, I've played with a bunch of the apps that are vying for this same space (iGTD, Things, Midnight Inbox, Thinking Rock, and OmniFocus), and there are elements of all of them that I'd like to see in one single app. That's not going to happen, but perhaps more importantly, the key is to pick something that's good enough, and then leverage it to accomplish the things you'd really like to accomplish. I've settled on OmniFocus, and I firmly believe that making a choice and getting on with it is the most effective thing I can do.

"no end of apps" - how true! But, what about the need for project planning and managing thousands of resource documents and relationships among them, abilities which I believe are absent from OF?

Even OmniGroup appears to recognize that OF is not suited to that, until the underlying information about task/project goals and dependencies and appropriate scope and timing have already been figured out, ie., identified and evaluated, which OF is not meant to supprt; hence the frequency with which so many OF users rely also on OmniOutliner to really get things done.

So, therefore, what about project planning and related abilities? What about it when, by widespread consensus, OF is not made or meant for it?

Ignore for the moment the choice of a particular software package. Ignore the fact that related software packages seem to proliferate like mushrooms after the rain, further aggravating the difficulty of selecting a suitable one.

Instead: consider: What other types of functionality absent from OF are needed to get things done? Define the possible range of choices for complementary capabilities, not around what packages are out there, but around what key capabilities does OF lack that are required to get things done.

For example, suppose you've finally gotten through your inbox. I finally got through mine. Now I have three thousand five hundred tasks in OF.

Now what do I do? What capabilities will help me now, or would have helped me prior to entering those tasks, to be able to manage that volume?

Oh! Oops! I guess I had better not bring up the dreaded word, "priorities," because that has no place in the formal GTD canon.

Do you see the problem? Or at least one manifestation of it? I wonder what other cul-de-sacs other OF users have gotten themselves into? I'm sure there are others besides mine.

I have no plans to abandon OF and eagerly await version 2. But to find complementary capabilities, I am now evaluating Devonthink, YEP, Pagico, Scrivener and others. They have features to both OF and to each other but capabilities potentially complementary to OF.

Incidentally, I've been trying Quicksilver (if you can consider 10 minutes trying it). It is really incredible. I have concluded that it would be even more incredible if the plug-ins did not disappear and if the main application window for entering searches did not disappear. That is to say: it would be even more incredible if it actually worked. Well, I guess you get what you pay for :).