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This is for the Applescript Guru's:

Let me start that I have checked the forums and could not find a working solution for my question:

What I would like to accomplish is to scan a bill with my Fujitsu ScanSnap 1300 and make this an attachement in a new task in my Inbox. Preferably I should see the task opened so I can edit dates, contexts and such.

The idea is to end up with a (bill paying) tickler stored in Omnifocus that will come up on my rader on the date the bill should be paid. I can then open the attachement for the payment details. The same would hold true for for example a seminar invitation that I do not wish to decide upon today but on a later date. I would scan the invitation and transform that into a task.

I can enter applescript in Hazel. To get the file being handled in Hazel I have been able to manage. The script should be able to run in Hazel and open the Entrybox of Omnifocus for further edit of the action text, context, etc. The scanned file should be able to be seen as an attachement in the note section of the action.

As I am running a paperless office (sort of) I do not wish a link to the file on my Mac but the attachement directly into the action in Omnifocus.

All hard copies will be shredded (or filed if for my business). The scanned files on the iMac's disk will be deleted or moved to Evernote for archive.

Please, is there anybody out there that can help me out?