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Here is the solution for this problem (provided to me by the kind folks at OF who wrote the applescript specifically for me - Thanks Jameson!):

The attached script will run automatically when you add new files to a folder- the script should open the Quick Entry window in OmniFocus with the scanned image attached in the Notes field. Note: it does not need Hazel but you can use Hazel to clean up the folder automatically, which will make the workflow "set and forget". Here's what you'll want to do:

- Download the attached script

- Unzip it

- Drop the script into this folder:

Macintosh HD>Library>Scripts>Folder Action Scripts

- Create a folder for your scanned items

- Right-click on this folder, and select Services>Folder Actions Setup

- Select the "Add files as OmniFocus actions" script

- Click Attach

Now, any time you scan something and save it in this folder, the script will run to send the image to OmniFocus. Hope this helps!

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