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I worked with a guy who'd have a context for every single person he was likely to be in touch with on a > semi regular basis. That's pretty tough to manage. Having 50+ contexts for people, plus situational contexts, seemed to add a lot of overhead to his workflow.
What about it seemed to add a lot of overhead? I use a similar structure, about half as many people contexts, and it seems pretty straightforward to assign tasks into the people contexts. I could imagine it getting messy if you have trouble settling on one person as the context for a lot of your actions, I suppose. But I don't think I would notice much difference if I took 25 names at random out of the phone book and added them to my Agenda context tree. I set contexts by typing with the smart match feature, not dragging and dropping where the length of the list might be a factor. "ag <first initial> <second initial>" is usually sufficient for a unique match.