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In most cases, for lists of things I would like to do in the very indefinite future, that's a single-action list inside my Someday/Maybe folder. I've got a few of these (e.g., Books to Read, Games to Play, Craft Projects - actually these are almost always personal entertainment; work things or responsibilities tend to be more concrete). The whole list is on-hold, but items may be pre-assigned to appropriate contexts. Then when I want to start one of them I drag it to an active single-action list, or promote it to a project, depending on what it is.

Some people will make an argument that content-specific holders for these types of wish lists are more appropriate, and keep it out of OmniFocus (e.g., Goodreads for books). For me, the things that I put in OmniFocus are a little more concrete than that - like for books, it has a list of books that I already have and really do plan to read, not just everything that might be nice to read sometime.