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Just started using OF (both on the iPhone and on the Mac) and I'm sorry if I'm asking a remedial question. I've searched and not found anything.

I use iCal. I LIKE iCal. It works well with everything except putting my ToDo's onto my iPhone in a useful fashion. OmniFocus seems really cool and I may start using it for more things; however, for now I simply want my ToDo's on my phone in a way they can be used, edited, checked off, and created.

I synced with iCal, then I synced with the Server (MobileMe - which is working perfectly for me), then I synced the iPhone. The ToDo's for one of my Calendars made it in fine, it appears that some of the ToDo's for my other Calendars made it into OF --- sort of. Most are missing. Everything that made it into OF on my Mac made it to MobileMe, and from there it all made it perfectly to my iPhone. Cool!!!

Except, why won't the rest of the ToDo's come across? When I moved them around in OF (moved them from the InBox to Miscellaneous) and then synced with iCal again, all the ToDo's that went across in the first place now have (Miscellaneous) appended to them... ok, that seems cool. Tells me that they made the round trip and are happy with their situation... But what about the ToDo's from all the other iCal Calendars? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

- Kevin