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Yeah, probably not "all" users. I think it depends on how you use OG. Not every time, but often when I use it I always have little symbols that are usually placed in the corners to represent some feature or characteristic.
First let me say that I have your need, I produce drawings such as those you describe, all the time. I use OG exclusively to produce such drawings, but I have no need for the proposed feature. It takes me one click or one drag to add or change such symbols to shapes on my diagrams. I do not think I misunderstand your drawings or your need at all.
Refer attachment. The simple symbols are simply Fonts (yes, it is a good idea to use simple modifiers) and the complex symbols are from my stencil (Chris Heath's Glass Buttons Stencil plus my mods); and yes I do have many more modifying symbols.
Since the size and proportions of those shapes change (considering the dynamic nature of OG links) it would be good if those things were continuously associated with a specific justification, such as right top corner.
1 the size/shape of shapes (which are symbols themselves) in a semantic diagram should not change and should not be variable (lest you lose the concept of semantic!), but I will set that aside for now.
2 Just group the shape with the modifying symbols. Following that, the behaviour (size, proportion, justification, etc) should be as expected when changed, and require no further effort from you.

I think it's hard to visualize this feature without having it made
Well, it might help to draw one up so that we can communicate about the exact details. I butchered an existing diagram to produce the attachment, took me a full 15 seconds (the upload took minutes to organise).
since it depends a lot on the speed at which you can add these icons.
My shapes and modifiers are all sitting in a Stencil. It takes me:
either one click and drag to add these symbols or modifiers
one click to change a simple shape
to change (replace) a complex shape: one click plus ⌫ keystroke; followed by one click and drag to add the new one

The Legend takes a minute or two.

(It is such a small effort to add/change these modifiers, these symbols that add meaning to shapes, that therefore I do not need the proposed feature. I already have it in OG, the number keystrokes cannot be reduced further.)

Can you explain what you meant by
"When you want to change an object from one shape to another, it takes just one click in OG (via the Inspector/Styles/Lines&Shapes)."
Sure. Let's use a simple shape (without symbols or modifying symbols) in order to avoid complicating this simple task/operation:
draw a simple circle using the Shape drawing tool from the toolbar.
notice that in the inspector, the Style/Fill, Style//Lines&Shapes, Style/Shadow and Style/Summary have all opened up, because a circle can be manipulated using all those properties.
the circle which we are going to change needs to be selected
in the Inspector, select the Style//Lines&Shapes tool; it will show, in the third segment from the top, a list of Shapes possible
click on say a square
There, with one click you have changed a Shape into another Shape.

This works with complex or grouped Shapes as well, you need to "click through" the layers to select the simple shape within the group.

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