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YES! Just found this!
Originally Posted by stordoff
Is there a way to print to a PDF vector image but have it be more than one page? I use this print method to create PDF's that I can send to clients because the resolution is much better than other options. The problem is that if they want to print a hard copy, it is too small. Is there a way to make the "export to PDF vector image" option not shrink it to one page?
You could go to 'File' > 'Print' and click on the 'PDF' button in the lower left corner of the print window. From there you can save the printout as a PDF. If you want to specify the orientation and number of pages the PDF will have, do the following steps beforehand:

1. Open the File menu and select Page set up. Choose your preferred paper size and orientation.
2. Select Print (also under the File menu). Use the drop-down menu to switch to the OmniPlan section.
3. Select Timeline & Outline.
4. Make sure the dimensions are set to the number of pages wide and high you want.

That should do it!
You don't really have to do the other stuff, at least I didn't. Just Print > Save as PDF will make multiple pages for you. This has been bugging me for so long!!