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I can't begin to tell you how awesome this feature would be if you added it to OmniGraffle...

Basically the problem is this. I often have to mark an object with a special indicator, like these four boxes which are not adjacent to each other have a special characteristic, like increased security or control feature.

I want to suggest that you add a feature that would allow us to select a series of standard small icon symbols, like a star, happy face, check box, circle, diamond, recycle symbol, etc. etc. or add our own symbols.

So we can set the corner or alignment of that symbol (or symbols) to the top right or left corners, or any alignment, middle side, bottom middle, etc.

I also think it shouldn't be limited to just one symbol. It can be multiple symbols that line up right next to each other depending on the orientation of the alignement, i.e. if it's on the side, they line up on top of one another, otherwise, side by side.

Once we have the symbols in place we can create a legend... Hey! That would be another great feature. A legend feature with all the colors we use in the diagrams.... but I'll save that feature request for next time. :)

Once again, I can't tell you how useful this feature would be for me and probably all of us using OmniGraffle.

Please take your user feedback seriously and implement this feature for us. It could be one of the best new features OmniGraffle can have.