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Please, please, Omni, can you tell us how to set up WebDAV on OS X 10.8 Server so we can sync our various OmniFocus applications (I have purchased all three) using WebDAV?
Starting with a freshly created server which has no services enabled yet, here are the steps I followed in to get a new WebDAV share set up for use with OmniFocus:
  1. Select “Services : File Sharing” in the left sidebar.
  2. Flip the master switch in the top right corner from Off to On.
  3. Click + to add a shared folder (as the screen suggests), and on the resulting dialog:
    • Click New Folder and enter a name (I'm using “OmniFocus Test”).
    • Click on the newly created folder.
    • Click Choose.
    In the list of Share Points, I now see a share point for the new folder.
  4. Double-click on the new share point to edit it:
    • Under Access, change all the permissions to Read & Write.
    • Under Settings, check “Share with iOS devices (WebDAV)” and uncheck everything else.
    • Click Done.

Back in OmniFocus:
  1. Configure sync settings:
    • Open Sync Preferences and choose Advanced.
    • Set the sync location to point at your new server. (I used “https://ghostwheel.local/OmniFocus%20Test/”. If I hadn't put that space in my folder name, I wouldn't have had to encode it here with the %20.)
  2. Start syncing:
    • Press the Sync Now button.
    • When prompted to verify the server's self-signed certificate:
      • Click “Show Certificate” to see more options.
      • Check the option to always trust the new server so you don't get prompted to verify the certificate every time you sync.
      • Press Continue.
      If this dialog prompts for authentication to change your certificate trust settings, you'll need to enter your local password rather than your server account's password.
    • When prompted for server authentication:
      • Enter a valid username and password for the server. (I entered the server admin's name and password since I hadn't yet set up any other accounts on this new server.)
      • Check the “Remember in Keychain” option so you're asked this every time you sync.
      • Press the OK button.

With that, I started successfully syncing OmniFocus using my new Mountain Lion Server.

If this doesn't work for you, then my advice is to check the error logs on your server to see if they have any details about the problem. (In, select “Server : Logs” in the sidebar, then use the popup at the bottom of the log to view other log files.)

Hope this helps!

P.S. — I was also able to use this new server to sync OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, and OmniGraphSketcher using our current test builds of OmniPresence—we've eliminated our dependency on ETags over the last few weeks, so we no longer require custom patches to Apache to host an OmniPresence synced folder.

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