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Grrr. I got logged out while creating a reply because my husband called and talked with me for a while. The message was still here, but when I tried to post it, I was told I wasn't allowed to do that. :mad:

Anyway, I managed to increase the text size, and it's okay on my Apple Cinema Display.

I looked at the other theme examples, but maybe the content and garish colors turned me off. I didn't see anything I liked.

I want something compact and clean. I'm looking for information here rather than buddies. Aim for efficient elegance. For example, we don't need the "post icons" and thread ratings. Yes, I used a smiley, but I didn't need to and considered leaving it off.

I like the indenting of each thread as a block, but it's too wide on each level. There's just too much wasted space. I have a big display here, but if I'm reading on my laptop, it's going to be cramped. Let's find a default theme that is compact and no-nonsense so that it conveys information but isn't splashy. Make a fluffier, more graphical theme an option. Sorry, I don't have examples.

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