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That's it!

It's important to see the 5 projects out of 300 that don't have any actions to get them moving... or that should be marked as complete.

Currently, I use Life Balance in a crazy roundabout way to accomplish this.

When a project is created, I have three tasks created:

Name of Project (Context=Completed Projects)
-Name of Project - (Context=Active Projects)
-Name of Project - (Context=Needs Actions)
--task of project - (Context=Home Computer)

The only tasks that will show up is
-Name of Project in the Active Projects Task
--task of project in the Home Computer task

When I have completed task of project in the Home Computer Task
-Name of Project in the Needs Actions task shows up.

I do a daily review of the
Needs Actions
context. If a project is in there that needs more actions... I go to the outline, add tasks and the project in the Needs Actions disappears until I complete the tasks.

If I am done with the project, I complete the project name in the next actions context, then flip over to the outline to also complete the Name of Project in the Active Projects.

The project then shows up in the completed projects task, where I can run an applescript to complete the project and record the name in a file of completed projects.


all of these are workarounds that I'm hoping Omni Focus will address.

Let me know if I've been obtuse or the information needs to be cleared up.