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Originally Posted by Bigmase83
I fell in love with this web browser and I'm totally starting to come along for purchasing it. I love the speed, quality, and tab features. However I had a couple of questions before I make my final decision:

1) I was wondering how and if there was a "theme" preference that you can and/or add. I loved the "Azerty" icons that I used with firefox. Is there something similar to that?

2) Can you add mods similar to the "extensions" used in firefox (gmail manager, etc.)?

3) Is there a way to make the tabs draw out at bottom?

4) What does everyone $15 worth it and have you enjoyed your product?

Please tell me what you guys think.
This is always a very subjective issue. For me, the zoomed text editor and site preferences are what I need most. Speed and aesthetic considerations are important, too. Thus, the costs were well justified (even paying the old educational price of 19.99)

You won't find OW as pimpable as Firefox, to be sure. I used John Hicks OW 5 theme to change the IU somewhat but there isn't much out there in comparison to FF. I'm assuming that plugin managers could be created to add functions to OW (please correct me if I'm wrong) but since the user base is much smaller I'm not sure much will happen on that front. I did manage to get LiveDictionary to work correctly (with some modifications of its loader bundle), which helped seal the deal for me.

Although impressed with the current functionality and future possibilities of FireFox, I still don't like using it that much now. So OW is my main browser.

Finally, I'm greatly impressed with the OmniGroup. They are very open to suggestions and create great software (I own OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle as well, and plan to get OmniFocus when it comes out). Their openness about issues and customer service are second to none. For fun, you can see how they dealt with an unhappy client in the "I want my money back!" thread.

Just try out OW for 30 days and maybe you'll have a better indication.