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I have been using FF3 moslty now. I try to use OW. but I get tired of the slow page loads.

I like the text rendering in OW better, although gecko in 3.0 is almost the same at this point. The newer browser chrome in 3 is much more mac-like than before. And the "awesome bar" is far superior to OW.

It seems like a lot of thing that OW originally pioneered, that made it special, have been appropriated by now by the other browsers. And, unfortunately, Omni didn't keep innovating to stay ahead.

I would hope that 6.0 is not a whole year away, otherwise don't bother. Who will be left by then to use it, if the loyal user base is drifting off to other browsers? I would hope that 6.0 can offer something more than just a slick browser; perhaps it could have web development tools and become the Safari for developers. Or even stuff I personally don't care about but might attract people: blogging tools, social networking, automation, intelligence.

As it stands now, there's no reason to use 5.8 really. And that makes me sad.