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It somehow seems that the "Automatic by language" spell checking setting does not work anymore. I am not sure when this problem appeared, but the 10.6.4 update might be a candidate (not sure though).

Strangely, the setting does still work in apps like TextEdit and Mail, but it does not work in OmniOutliner (it also stopped working in Mellel, for example).

When I open a German language or mixed language document in OO, the spelling service treats all text as English. To work around this, I have to set spelling to German (using the command+colon shortcut).

But that is not enough, since this setting does not work right away (i.e. all text is still treated as being English). To get it working, I have to close and re-open the document while OmniOutliner remains running.

I tried to reset the spelling dictionaries, checked the different forums and, using the information that I found here, cross checked that the AppleSpell.service in /System/Library/Services does indeed contain the dictionaries that I use, which it does. I also checked the file in my user library, but it seems to be fine too.

I already filed a bug report to Apple, but I wanted to check if anyone here has an idea why this stopped working or how to work around this issue. I found the Automatic by language spell checking feature very useful – until it stopped working…