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I used to/would like to use calendar sync for the following reasons (which might have been mentioned here before):

1. I like to see all due tasks in my calendar so that when I schedule appointments/work, I can see what else still needs to be done and how much time I have.

2. I find myself crossing off completed tasks in my calendar rather than in OF itself. I guess this is because work more with BusyCal during the day than with OF.

3. To have an online version of active tasks, for when I don't have access to any of my OF apps. Doesn't happen often, but it does happen, and then it's nice to know that stuff is accessible.

So if we want to look at the calendar integration as a stepping stone, then the following features would make it obsolete (for my personal use cases only, I am not deeming those universally applicable):

- Acquire BusyMac and integrate BusyCal, or vice versa (because acquiring Apple in order to integrate iCal is probably unrealistic). Just kidding. But while the Forecast view goes a long way, it's still not fully there as an integrated interface (again, it's subjective).
- Have an online interface.