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I have recently replaced my iPhone 3GS. I previously had synced via the Exchange server the existing phone, with my main calendar and other calendars syncing for the account. However, with the new phone, when I configure Google Sync and browse to, the device date is not updated , nor is a new sync added (indicating no sync?). Going into the individual device (based on last sync) and changing the synced calendars has no effect.
As it appears to be, iOS 5 brought with it some incompatibility issues with Exchange push services. This includes Gmail, iCloud and hosted (company) Exchange servers and has been reported by numerous users in a variety of forums. I suffer from this, too. As it seems this issue is known to Apple by now so I expect a fix for the problem somewhen in the future. The "mail" app does sync with all servers according to the fetch-plan or when triggered manually, though.