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After just under two years of beta-testing, we're promoting the Omni Sync Server to "Shipped it!" status. If you're looking for someplace to store your OmniFocus (or other Omni app) data, we'd invite you to set up a free account on our server.

Info is available on our blog, as well as on the Omni Sync Server FAQ.

We've also revised our Privacy Policy significantly, in order to remove a bunch of legalese. Executive summary: your data is yours, and none of our darn business unless you give us permission to look at it.

If folks have any questions or suggestions for the above, let us know here or via email.

While I'm at it: I know there are a bunch of folks here on the forums that jumped onto the server very early in the process. From all of us here - thanks; we couldn't have done this without you.