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I'm simply wanting to change the starting count to 0 instead of 1, as the OP was.
So what are you doing that requires 0-based numbering, and doesn't work with 1-based numbering? "But I wanna" is certainly a reason, though no one appears to think it is a good enough reason to have made the changes for you.
6 years for a software product pipeline - especially in this day and age - is far too long.
It's not too long if they had more lucrative opportunities to deploy their resources elsewhere. You're also making the flawed assumption that they haven't done anything with OmniOutliner in that period. Reading the release notes will show that this is not true by any stretch of the imagination. Given that you have to shell out more money for a major release, but minor releases are free, I appreciate their willingness to do extended development on each major release, and so do most customers, I suspect.