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I'm curious to know if you tried using start dates / times, and if so what advantage has this method ("time as context")? I'm intrigued but it seems I could do the same with start times and save the context for one of the more standard ones.
My OF process, like many other folks, is evolving. I run everything on start dates, and only assign real due dates. I'm still using time as a context, but as my life gets more hectic, I'm streamlining my categories so it's all easier to handle.

In this thread, the amazing Rob Trew wrote an applescript that converts iCal events into OF actions. I find this tremendously helpful.

I'm moving away from hour-by-hour contexts and relying more on larger blocks of time. It reduces time spent on OF. I also find myself creating contexts around certain big events, like "Before Big Meeting" and "After Drive Home"

Of all the ways I've tried implementing OmniFocus, this is producing the best results. I like having an agenda for the day at my fingertips, and seeing where everything fits in the day.

Have you tried it yet?