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Thanks for relaying to us some of the differences between OF and Things.

I must admit that Things has tempted me in the past. I would visit it every once in a blue moon and try to figure out how to emulate some of my OF workflows in Things. I never could do a complete switchover to Things as I have heard some of the other users have done.

There were a few UI workflows I can live with in Things but I couldn't live without folders, nested projects, forecast, and the weekly review.

Looking forward to more robust repeat functions in the new OF.

I guess it all depends on your life and its demands. My sister would just roll her eyes when she sees my folders (areas of responsibilities), projects, and contexts. She's quite happy with Apple Reminders.

I guess Things falls somewhere between Apple Reminders and OF. If your life is fairly streamlined and not as complicated, Things will be better suited. Sometimes i wished my life was simpler. But there are all these interesting projects for me to tackle now and in the Someday/Maybe realm. That's why I'm wedded to OF.