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So my old mini appears to be mostly dead, and restoring all the stuff I never considered backing up (like the Application Support folder) is a slow work in progress.

So on the newer mini, I have OW installed and I've been setting it up and trying to avoid the cruft I'd built up in the old mini.

The primary problem I'm currently having, is that I have to load images on about 90% of the sites I go to by clicking on the little image icon at the bottom of the window.

I didn't have to do this previously, so what preference do I need to change to get this working a bit smoother?

Also, once I do get Application Support restored, and I have access to all that good stuff, what would I need to restore stuff like blocked images, or blocking those darned double underlined term ads (ie - every thing but the bookmark related files) ?

Thank you in advance for the help!