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I don't know if what you mean by "aliases" is what I think you mean, but if it is, we are talking about unix file descriptors. On unix or unix-like system like OS X, if an application opens a file, the subsequent accesses to that file are not handled by the file's path and name, but by a file descriptor, which is basically a number. Thus, if you rename or move a file within the same file system while any application still has it open, that's no problem. You could, for example, move a file currently being downloaded to another folder, and OW would still write to the correct file.

Alas, this only works for files that are still open. As soon as OW has closed the file, it has no means of telling where it has been moved to. [Edit for clarification: OW doesn't even know that the file has been moved/renamed at all, as it has been accessing it (writing to it) using the file descriptor, not the file name.] I think it would be possible that OW could, just before closing the file, find out what the current file name of that file descriptor is, and thus be able to reveal the correct file even if its name/position has been changed meanwhile. I'm not really sure, though, if there actually is an API function to do that.

[Edit: If there is such a function, it would be a really cool feature if OW could check the real file name every some seconds and adjust the display in the download window accordingly ... :-) ]

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