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It occurs to me that I could use this with a different context for each store I frequent. For example, I like to get most dry goods items from Trader Joe's (where they're super-cheap) and produce at Whole Foods (where the quality is much better). I could use your system of organizing the list by area of the store and set contexts for each store -- e.g. "Trader Joe's" and "Whole Foods". I process the list before leaving the house (as you suggested), and when I'm in the actual store, OF shows me only the items I want to buy at each one.

This will be even more impressive once OF for iPhone comes out and it will already "know" which store I'm in. Eerie.
BINGO! Yes, that is definitely taking it another step forward. Glad I could help out. I gotta say, though, if you can have your Mac on and have your iPhone connect to it, the webserver app is very nice. Very basic, but very nice. In fact, I would rather work my contexts from that interface instead of using OF itself. I have a LOT of stuff in there, personal, career, my side business, and OF can get a little slow.