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I used to have a crazy list set up in OmniOutliner that I've just moved into my OF list.

I'll warn you it sounds a bit insane but I've found it really speeds things up once sorted.

We do one big grocery shop a week in a big store so I broke it up into ordered sub contexts matching sections of the shop.

Supermarket > A (fresh veges)
Supermarket > B (meat)
Supermarket > C (first tinned food aisle)

Anything we ever buy just gets added to a context according to where it is in the supermarket. (I made the original list by exporting from some online shopping we'd done)

Then just like Lightstorm the whole "shop" project is ticked, then untick what we need this time.

(Bonus points: Option-drag a copy of these items into a separate grouped lists of items for an individual meal and leave the things you have already in the cupboard as ticked)

Then you can just view the whole "supermarket" context and everything shows up split into sections. Until I get my iPhone I'm just setting the page setup to print 4-up on A4 and you can stuff it in your pocket.

Yep. I know.