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Slightly off topic, but...

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I have a LOT of stuff in there, personal, career, my side business, and OF can get a little slow.
I have a lot of stuff too, but haven't really run into too many performance issues. I wish searching across the entire database was a little faster, but that seems improved in 1.1 (or is it just my imagination?).

Anyway, have you tried rebuilding your OF database recently? That can make a huge difference. Go to File -> Rebuild Database.

Also, I get the impression that OF's performance is greatly influences by how many items you have displayed in the current view. Try focusing on folders, collapsing unused collections, placing projects on hold, fiddling with the view bar and perspectives to get a smaller subset of your data to work with, etc.

And lastly, you can try this hidden preference to turn off the display of items in the main content area when nothing is selected in the sidebar (the same way Mail behaves). With nothing displayed in the main content area, jumping between planning and context mode and switching to new perspectives is instantaneous.

defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniFocus LeaveEmptySelectionEmpty -bool YES