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OmniWeb has fallen behind the pack.

Safari 3.1 is ridiculously faster than OmniWeb for me; so much so that I had to finally dump the ol Omni browser. It's a constant beachball party. Basically it has serious issues with memory management, and constantly causes disk paging. The history index is *brutally* slow; even when I limited it to only the last 24 hours, it was still really bad.

The free SafariStand add-on alone adds pretty much every feature I would have missed. It's nice being on the latest WebKit as well, instead of lagging way behind.

Another reason Safari runs circles around OmniWeb is the huge strides being made in JavaScript performance -- and they haven't even rolled out the brand new Squirrelfish engine yet.

It makes me sad to say it, since OmniWeb was my favorite browser for several years, but I think it's just about time to put the ol' dog to sleep. There's no way in hell it's going to catch up to Safari at the rate the WebKit team is going.