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I've been waiting for this app forever. I got it. I need it. I'm glad to see you charging for it. Getting paid for your work is what keeps the quality high, and I'm glad to put 20 in the hat.

But this icon for the omnifocus app is godawful. Please do better, or at least give us the option to use the checkmark in a box (which makes sense) or the mac app icon or something that makes at least one lick of sense.

My aesthetic is minimalist. My sense about GTD is that there is a certain zen to it. My sense about a giant purple checkmark on five lines of index card is less that there is a zen that enables flow states, and more that it doesn't make any sense and is ugly. I want something with more zen, that makes sense. Please, guys.

I really love you guys and your apps but please give me a better iphone icon. This makes my eyes bleed, and it could be the most important app I use. I hope you have better icon or choices for different ones in the next update. This little white patch thing sucks on black glass, and is just not up to the high quality of your product.