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I know a lot of people are having problems, and this post isn't mean to diminish that at all.

I just thought with all the negativity, the developers of OmniFocus might like to know it really is working great for some of us too.

I have had one problem syncing since July 10th, and that was caused by a problem with my iDisk during the MobileMe phase in. Another application I use tried to write a backup to my iDisk while it was down, causing it to create a new directory under Volumes where my iDisk should be, and when the real iDisk came back up, it cause some problems. Easy enough to fix.

Thus far my syncing has gone very well, no errors, everything has synced over correctly. I know some folks are having real issues, but from a person who relies on your software every day, I have to say great job.

Good luck in fixing the problems everyone else is experiencing. I hope before long their experience can go more like mine has.

So far in my experience... perfect job.