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I love the new "Move Old Data to Archive" command. I've always felt
inhibited at piling too much stuff into OmniFocus, because it all
goes into one, potentially huge, file. Now I feel that the size of
this file can be kept in check. But...

wouldn't it be good if you could choose to archive only completed or dropped projects? When I have a project still active I often want to refer
back to details -- notes, etc -- contained in actions that have
already been completed, so I don't want to archive these until the
project is done with. Unfortunately offering a date doesn't really
help, because I have still active projects that go back to when OmniFocus
was first launched -- while some projects get completed within days.

If you agree, please send feedback to Omni (via the Help menu): if they get enough requests they've said they would consider implementing this option.