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Jupiter, I hope you'll report back. You're experimenting with a lot of the things I would like to try!
Dear Inaccufacts, happy to please you. If you speak French please have a look on my blob I speak a lot about trics about GTD, AF and of course Omnifocus that i am really in love with (I am not paid by omnigroup and have nothing to do with them !).

Anyway i had prévious difficulties with OF that i finaly solved. I really thing these happended because of the youngness of the soft. i really hope the ninjas will take care about the improovement i have suggered each week since one year even if there are a lot.

AF is a good methods but i only keep it for current and incoming information and at night i make a reporting of all unchecked intems, on Omnifocus for one main reason i trust the system. This is also the reason why i kept Omnifocus instead of wich was a good soft too, but for me as a mac user less operational and trusty.

There is also a great pleasure in the morning when i open my computer to see all my daily tasks by context or projetx focus or not and approximatly know how much time i shall have to work to be productive and efficient.

In my way of working AF is nothing more than a IN basket just to see what happen and to keep information about buildings or investors i wish to read regularly. It(s help me to run and focus on daily tasks. For any future information or non actionable items i only trust omnifocus ;)) and i use it on the way with FORSTER method.

Hope my thread be of any help. Best Regards.

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