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Have to say that this thread is full of very impressive posts. I'm glad to see that people are adjusting the system to their needs ... or more likely to their personalities. While for some OF design of GTD will work perfectly out of the box, for many others some adjustments are needed.

More specifically on the AF -- it seems to me that this would fall into a very frequent and more intensive reviews of actions that can be set in OF on daily instead of weekly basis.

The other thing that I've noticed is that GTD, in general, is somewhat less "supportive" of "creatives" and the ways they do things and that absorbing parts of AF may be just a logical attempt to adjust and broaden the scope of GTD to include more specific (or more flexible) workflow for them. Creatives feel more "@home" with something that's project-oriented rather than context-oriented, and for my experience, I tend to use context more as a typical tagging system and focus on the project's actions and sub-actions. But this is not intended as a criticism of GTD or OF's implementation of it (which I really think is the best GTD sw on the market). So far, no system can respond to numerous personality types and individual philosophies and practical needs. For example:

where do you start:
- from bottom up (GTD or context action-oriented)
- from top down (Covey or goal-oriented)
- from a project defined in actions (project-oriented); etc.

where is the primary sorting focus:
- is it the next action
- is it the uncompleted
- is it the importance
- is it the due date and time (due by or due on)
- is it the start date/time; etc.

Obviously most people combine some of these to form something that fits their particular needs. This is not only useful but also wise since each of these approaches have their strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully, individuals combine strengths of each system into a coherent unit that makes their life better. A degree of software built-in flexibility is becoming necessary to accommodate different needs, and yet it has to remain simple so that the user doesn't end up spending more time on managing the software instead of completing tasks at hand. So far I find OF very scalable to my own needs. I would definitively include sorting by and display the date and time when an action is actually an event or appointment regardless of the importance of other actions. But I'm sure all of us have something that we'd like to see in v.1.7.