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Thanks zts. Absolultly right with you. What is difficult in organization is that there can't be one system. All depends on human feelings and being. Some are creative, others not, some likes closed systems others feels better with open system (i do).

The main difficulty is to find what is close to you. Do you really know who you are and how you do things ? We are not robot nor computers. We are humain beeings with Questions, fears, joys, happiness imagination, but also a part of rationality (happily). We are all differents but so close from each others...

It is like a graal search wich goes over us. For instance I love and live GTD but for being efficient i need an open system because i fell it to restrictive and heavy for me. All is too perfect, all is too clean. I need something wich let me some freedom, some creative or imaginative parts & let me drop and express all my energy doing things.

GTD is like a GPS. it shows me the road and drive me where i am going to. It gives me the power to perfecly know all my stuff and be relax about it. It's a lot.

Omnifocus is like my assitant it organize this stuff in a GTD way but let me think about it and review all this stuff. So i can be cool because i know i shall be relax what may happen everywhere. It's a lot too.

Autofocus is like a car. It's a daily tool for actionable and daily or short time tasks. It drives me all along the day and i use it as a IN basket for all information i may use before deciding what i want to do with it. Does it go to OF ? Do i keep it because i shall shortly need it ? And this is exactly what i am waiting for.

This is the reason why i indeed think that David ALLEN, MARC FORSTER and OMNIFOCUS don't play a different part. It's an orchestra that you can use for your own way. They all brought a big stone. We can discuss on the size of the stone but even it's a little rocks it was worth for.

Because the only thing that you can act on is your time and nobody knows when it's over. And they helped well to manage it efficiently.

All the best


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