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I would not call it a bug, as the perspective does give you exactly what it says-tasks that are due and flagged. You may have tasks that are blocked in a sequential project, but they are still due just the same if the project's due date is soon.

I use this view a lot myself, and I like that the blocked tasks are still displayed. If I have a due project with 4 actions remaining, and I need 4 hours to complete all 4 actions, I don't want 3 of the 4 tasks hidden which may cause me to underestimate what's on my plate for today.

What I do consider is a bug, or at least a missing feature, is that tasks in this view only display in one style. As such, a due and blocked task looks the same as a due, unblocked task. I'd really like to see the task styles stacked. That is, if a due task is set to display in orange and a blocked task is set to display in italic, then I'd like to see the due, blocked, tasks display in orange italic.