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My use case and request are different, but they also fit under this thread heading so I thought I'd post it here.

I have a sequential project, "get reimbursed" with these sequential tasks:
1) find receipts (no due date)
2) find an envelope (no due date)
3) mail receipts in envelope (due now)
4) check on reimbursement status (start 3 weeks, due 4 weeks)

I would like OmniFocus to recognize that since (3) is due, (1)+(2) should also be due since they precede it in the sequence. Is there a view configuration that will do this? I expected Due to, but it doesn't.

If I set a due date on the project, then (1) and (2) inherit that, but so does (4), which isn't due for another 4 weeks and can't even be started for 3 weeks.

What's the best way to handle this use case? Am I making a feature request or can OF already handle this well?