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Originally Posted by Forrest
I just noticed on the mailing list that this is the final public beta... I really hope that means the long list of fairly big issues are soon to be fixed and not that you're just going to launch without fixing them :\
Originally Posted by Ken Case
Today we released OmniWeb 5.5 beta 4:


We're hoping to release the final version of 5.5 next week, so we're expecting this to be our final public beta release. We know that there are still a few features missing that we used to have in OmniWeb 5.1, but overall 5.5 is such a big improvement over 5.1 that we think it's time to encourage all our customers to start using it. (After this final beta, that is!)

Release notes for beta 4 follow. Enjoy!

We know there are bugs in 5.5 still and releasing 5.5 doesn't mean that we're not going to be working on them it just means that we feel this release is better than 5.1.3.

We wont be discontinuing work on OmniWeb of course. We're already gearing up to start in on 5.5.1 which will have updates to WebKit (which will fix lots of problems) and of course more bug fixes.