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Perhaps the best way that I can demonstrate this view's usefulness to me is to give an example of what might happen if the view only included flagged and due tasks that are available. If that were the case, I might look at the list and see one due item with an estimated duration of 1 hour, that I really don't want to work on right now because there are flagged items that I might find more interesting. I near the end of the day, so I work the one due item, check it off, and then much to my surprise, a task with an estimated 3 hour duration that is also due today pops into the list because it was previously blocked by the action I just completed. That's not the behavior I want to see from the due view.
Wouldn't it be equally useful if you could set "Status" to "Remaining" and "Flagged/Unflagged" to "Due and Flagged"? I could then set "Status" to "Available" and "Flagged/Unflagged" to "Due and Flagged" to accomplish what I want. It broadens the usefulness of the filter.