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I'm sure that my approach is not GTD orthodoxy, but just to give you some ideas:

- I keep whatever I can think of as possibly useful to do in my projects, but I put many of those ideas into an "ideas" context, which you might also call a someday/maybe. I don't want to lose track of the thought but I'm not committed to doing it yet, or may never be.

- I set up a perspective named "Review" and once upon a time went through the entire list of projects and used the inspector to schedule different review times for each project. Some projects I need to re-examine weekly. Some I don't need to look at more than once a month. I found that if confronted with the several dozens of projects at once, it would be overwhelming, and that scheduling "weekly" reviews and spreading them out relieved that anxiety and allows me to focus more intently on the projects that are due for a review right now.

- I then created a to-do item to remind myself to check my "review" perspective, and means one less meatspace RAM leak.

- Since I use projects as idea bins, I frequently find it useful to create action groups within each project for sub-projects. I do that organizing first, then look at each action group individually. I find that really helps me drill into what needs to be done next (or not at all, or at least not now).

Hope this helps -- experiment !!! One of the beauties of OF is that you can keep experimenting until you find the right mix for you!