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Thanks to everyone that's posting here - we're seeing a number of positive responses too, but we'd love to get a better idea what isn't working for folks.

We can't promise that each suggestion will go into the app, but if there are common threads running through the feedback, we'd love to take that into account. FWIW, the most common reaction seems to be relief that the app is actually on the way. :-)

If I may offer a suggestion about interface feedback - by itself, "I don't like it" doesn't give us much to go on. Any additional info folks can provide here or at, would help the team quite a lot as they finish their work.

Is it the darker color scheme vs. the Mac/iPhone apps? If it doesn't look like what you expected, what were you hoping for? Feedback like that will help the team quite a lot.

I'll separate this out into a dedicated thread, but wanted to post here before doing so. Thanks very much, everyone - we really appreciate the help and your passion for OmniFocus.

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