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I am obviously missing something... I mean, doesn't the giant text next to each icon give you enough of a clue as to what the category represents without colorizing the icons more?
Sure. The text is the saving grace here and it's fortunate they've left it nice and big. I think we'd all be lost without it.

What I'm saying is, why replace good icons which are distinct from one another with a series of low-constrast, same-shaped boxes? If you have to read the text to know what you're looking at, they're just decorations and you might as well get rid of them. (And "colorizing" isn't really the issue here -- it's a basic lack of contrast and shape distinction).

But as to your larger point, yes, it's still totally possible to navigate the app without good icons and this isn't a show-stopper. But if they're gonna be there, why not make them good, right?

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