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I decide how long I think my backups should go back in time and in which interval they should take place. After I did that the whole process is automated. That's why we have computers, to automate tasks, don't we? :)
I think a point that was made by whpalmer in another thread is that there's always some amount of decision that needs to be made by the user. If you're comfortable with selecting which backups to keep based solely on time, of course it makes sense to automate. However, IMHO, an advantage of electronic media is that there are very few limits to storage capabilities. While I go through my physical filing system yearly and take a look at each folder to decide whether it should stay in the system for future reference or can be disposed of (a task that cannot be automated, since it requires decision-making), I find it very convenient to keep unlimited archives of my OF database without having to worry about deleting something I might one day need.