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It's not solely by time, but it is easy and sufficient in the most cases, especially when the object in question was created by an automated, time based criteria in the first place.

Storage space is virtually limitless and dirt cheap when you think about local hard drive storage. But I also use more limited storage solutions, e.g. online backup and I applaud every app that doesn't generate content that grows limitless in the background and that doesn't need special backup rules and/or extra applications like Hazel.
It's like the "Move Old Data to Archive" command. I don't *need* that. I could leave it in OF forever, there's no performance reason to remove these projects.

I also see you point archiving forever, but I never treated my OF files as project documentation needed later for reference.

A "Remove Backups older than 1 Week|1 Month|1 Year" dropdown shouldn't exactly be rocket science delaying further features by months, or at least this is my impression. But I'm no CS mayor either. ;)

edit: On a second thought I've done so, but I exported just the project and used a plain text file (taskpaper) which goes with the rest of the project documentation.

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