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In iCal I have created duplicate calendars 'on my mac' which mirror my real calendars in MobileMe and given them the same colours as their counterparts. They have the word Omni before the actual name, eg Omni Home, Omni Work, Omni Errands etc.

Then I mapped them over through Omnifocus in the usual way, and I can have my tasks in iCal, with dates, etc. I can put alarms in through iCal if I want and they work.

I collapse the omni calendar list out of the way, and it's a workable solution for iCal.

Of course this doesn't give me my tasks in MobileMe online, but I don't use that much anyway. But, it's a bit of a bodge job. What it does do is help with planning. No point in allocating a bunch of tasks to do on a day that's back to back meetings!

Hope this helps someone else who really only wants this function for planning purposes.