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I am currently trying to setup Calendar syncing so that I can access my OF data on my Android phone. I think its great that you guys have a iPad and iPhone application but as your own documentation points out the calendar is the best way to get your data out and collaborate.

So put simply the reason Omni Focus needs to Sync the cloud calendars is because it is the most universal way for people to get at their task information regardless of platform.

Additionally this allows access from any web browser in the world meaning when you leave your Mac at home you can still manage your tasks from your works Windows machine.

In the end this Thread seems like the Omni Group is not interested in adding the needed support for syncing our Calendars with Google or else where. I hope I am reading this wrong but the tone and direction is of a developer trying to guide people towards the idea that they do not need sync and it isn't a good fit for the Calendar. And to that you may be correct but it is the prevailing standard and the Calendar is the location task lists get added by most software vendors.