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Agree with the above, certainly. I also really really need:

-9-slice objects so I can create UI objects that scale intelligently (like Fireworks);

-Virtual shape transformations so that if I union two shapes I can still edit them as shapes (like Illustrator);

-Ability to apply lines and strokes to the interior boundary shape within linkback items, (currently only works with shadows), so I can re-use them without creating duplicates;

-Ability to hide the blasted fat blue selection boundaries, which constantly force me to un-select my selection so I can check pixel accuracy visually, then re-select to continue editing;

- Ability to zoom in presentation mode, so I don't have to do all my presentations in editing mode if I want to interact with my drawings to focus the presentation;

- Ability to have linkback items not include a small amount of extra padding, which makes it impossible to use alignment tools accurately;

- Ability to set the horizontal and vertical offset of natural size background images in pixels, not just percentage (how frustrating is that!), so I can position a bitmap exactly where I want it relative to the clipping rectangle;

- More sophisticated gradients, so I don't have to make bitmaps and stretch them to get the visual effect I need;

- Type controls all in one panel, so I don't have to go to the spacing menu to get to the spacing panel in the toolbar, to the Type panel to adjust point size, and the Style:Text palette to adjust kearning and padding values.

I'm sure I could keep going - this is a great tool, I use it all day every day, but it is sorely lacking in updates for what feels like a couple of years now... I understand that there's more money to be made on the app store, but we pro users need some love every now and then too. Please don't abandon us.