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I've just upgraded to a new iMac with SSD and was surprised that my disk was so full. In fact I had to move all of my photos to the iMac's second drive since they wouldn't fit on the SSD. With the prospect of Lion on the horizon I decided to do some house cleaning and using Disk Inventory X I was *shocked* to find that the OmniFocus backup folder had ballooned to 77.7 GB!

This was never an issue when I was running OmniFocus on my old iMac with a 1TB drive, but it is a serious flaw on a limited capacity SSD.

I assumed that OmniFocus managed the Backup Folder. Can't really believe it doesn't. My workflow is based around OmniFocus and it is a fantastic application, particularly now that I have an iPad.

For now I've changed the Backup location to an external drive, but as others have said Omni really should consider building in a preference to manage removal of older backups.