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I have had an iPad with Omnifocus for about four months, and have loved it. Two weeks ago I got an iMac and am now trying out the desktop version of Omnifocus. I am trying to sync with the Omni Sync Server. Of course I start with the iPad because that has all my data in it. There is no data yet in my desktop version.

I have followed the instructions and I believe that the data in my iPad Omnifocus has been sent to the Omni Sync Server. Now I press the Sync button on the desktop OF and this message comes up:

Replace your database and start syncing?
Your current database will be backed up on your computer, and replaced by the sync database:

This scares me, as I don't understand it. Which database will be replaced? Which is the current database and which is the sync database? If the current database is the empty database on the desktop OF, and the sync database is the info that has been sent out to the Omni Sync Server, then I think I'm fine. But I would hate to lose all the data in my iPad OF!

Should i just go ahead and sync and hope it works as I want it to? (I want the iPad database to replace the desktop database.)