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Nope... I understand that it is supposed to work that way... and frankly I think in the past it has.

I am running Lion - but made sure the Clip-o-tron was installed before made the first post.

Since I posted, I now get the services menu (with OF option) by right or ctrl-clicking on the message in the list panel at the top of the mail window (I'm using the "classic" view.) It works and that's fine...

But I most specifically do not get that menu if I am clicking anywhere within the message area... unless I select some text.... in which case just the selected text is turned into a new entry in OF.

I haven't documented every try on this... but it absolutely seems like I am getting differing results at different times. sometimes services menu available, sometimes "no services available", etc.

Just wondering if anyone else has issues with "intermittent services menu" or if I'm just missing something obvious.

Again, I realize this is more about Mac Services than OF...