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Hello everyone,

I wrote a script to improve my workflow with file attachments. This is based on a script named Share on Dropbox.

I am aware that OmniFocus is able to handle file attachments by itself, but, as far as I know, these attachments are not synced across to iPhone/iPad. So I figured it would be a good idea to put attachments in my public Dropbox folder and a link in the notes field. This way when I'm on my iPhone and tap on a link, a browser opens and shows me the attachment.

How this script works:

It takes selected items in Finder and moves them to a specified location in your Dropbox folder.
The script saves these file locations in the UNIX form (e.g. /Users/zettt/Dropbox/Public/Attachments/example.png) and then takes these URLs and replaces them with their http:// equivalent.


You have to manually change destination as well as dropboxPublicPath!

Known Bugs:

Existing embedded attachments are removed. If somebody wants to figure this out. Please go ahead, I'd be glad to incorporate your change! I'm not going to resolve this "bug", because I don't use embedded attachments personally.

I hope someone else finds this useful too.

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